How to hold an Umbrella

There is the question, I do not have the answer.

This morning was a torrential downpour with no wind surprisingly. Since the rain was falling straight down, I thought I wouldn’t have a problem staying dry. I was wrong. By the time I reached the bus stop, the back of my pants from the knee down were soaked through.

I believe I am holding the umbrella correctly. I use a medium-sized umbrella. I hold it at below-chest height about five inches away from my body.  My estimate is the umbrella provides a two foot radius of protection. I am of an average build, so no portions of my body are sticking out.

Yet, for no apparent reason, my pants are usually soaked through.  I need enlightenment. Google has failed in providing me with the answer.


MUNI Misadventures #1

Today’s bus ride to work was probably the most uncomfortable one in my lifetime so far.

The bus I take has a limited schedule; the last bus to hit my bus stop is at 8:45am. If I miss that one, I would have to walk another mile to get to BART. So, I leave early thinking I can catch an earlier one. Two blocks before I get to the bus stop, the sky opened up on me. Water cascaded down; I was soaked by the time I made it to the stop. Luckily, there was an open dry space near a fence I could stand on as long as I stood ramrod straight.
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Red Bull Gives You Wings

Lately, I’ve been feeling energy-less around 2 to 3pm at work. I needed a pick me up. I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like the bitter taste and for some weird reason, coffee makes me sleepy.

I decided to go with energy drinks. Most of them are sweet and cold, which fits my tastes more than coffee. There is only one energy drink whose name I know. Red Bull. The company behind Red Bull always has commercials depicting cartoon characters getting wings after taking a sip. I was looking for that same affect which the drink delivered.
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Oil Tanker Spill on 101

Wow. nothing like an oil tanker spill on 101 to back up traffic.  Good thing a coworker told me about it before I left work.  Turns out they closed the exits on 101 N from woodside road to whipple road, causing huge amounts of traffic from there on south.  I ended up taking central expressway and 280.  280 was pretty jam packed near the woodside road area, since thats where all the cars are doing their detour.  I have not seen so many cars on highway 84 for the past 3 years.  Just a “Wow”.


Wacky, Wacky Weather

The weather has been pretty wacky these last few days in San Francisco.  The tempature was in the 40s on Friday. There was almost non-stop rain and a high potential of flash floods in the surrounding area.  This morning, there was a hail storm just around six but by the time I walked out the door, the sun was out and there was nary a cloud in the sky. Wacky.


Technology peon

I’ve decided that I need to transfer all my cheap online viagra information and tasks to a PDA.  Why?  I have a lot of reoccuring tasks nowbounce houses for sale.  Reports due every FRI.  Reports due at the end of each monthuk inflatable princess.  Reports due at the beginning of the month.  Reports due every other MON.  Preparing all these reports is time consuming because upper management prefer to discuss these reports on PAPER!!!!  Thus I need to transcribe the data on a printable formatinflatable toys.  On top of that, I have other projects and tasks that I need to work on .

Perhaps I don’t need a PDA.  Paper planner will suffice but tasks that I can’t finish, I would need to rewrite and push out another week.  Maybe my PDA is just a fancy electronic Post-It noteWater Sports Product?
inflatable shade structures

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