Hiking up to Avalanche Lake

Saturday having past reminded me of the adventure from last Saturday; I decided to go hiking with a group of people. The guy who invited me along on this trip occasionally writes for this blog, namely lilb612. He is a big buff on these outdoor activities with aspirations to climb the Half Dome in Yosemite, which I think is a crazy goal.

We started the day early around 8am. Yes. 8am. On a weekend. That’s crazy talk!

I rode with another buddy up to the starting point. His AC was on the fritz which was not so bad early in the morning, but something I would suffer through on the way back. Our destination was the southern part of Lake Tahoe off the I50. The difficulty of the hiking trip was supposedly easy to moderate. I had no idea what that meant. I expected to be walking trails that bicycles would have an easy time to travel over.
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Highly Recommended Optometrist

For those working in the financial district in San Francisco, I highly recommend Dr. Marc Lester for all your optometry needs. I needed a new pair of glasses due to my old pair losing its integrity; the waxy part that sits on the nose.

Dr. Lester came highly recommended by my co-workers and the positive reviews on Yelp are absolutely glowing.

Dr. Lester was easy-going and personable while also being efficient and professional. While other optometrists would extend the visit unnecessarily by talking about their day, their kids, and their love life, Dr. Lester was all business. He gave me the checkup and helped pick out my new glasses in under 20 minutes. A perfect pace for those on the go.
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Rick Roll’d by KOIT

The clock hand was pushing past the midnight hour as I laid in bed waiting for the Sandman to claim me. Thirty minutes of waiting came up fruitless. I turned to one of my favorite remedies; listening to soft rock on the radio station KOIT 96.5 AM always seem to do the trick.

I was in my happy place near the end of England Dan/JF Conley’s I’d Really Love To See You; my mind had let go of all the daily worries. I was at my most vulnerable moment. Unconciousness was only moments away.

1:18 AM

I hear this filing into my empty head, breaking my trance:
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SacTown’s Finest

On Saturday, I and a friend went up to El Dorado, near Sacramento, to visit a friend.

I had a lot of preconceptions of what Sacramento would be like beforehand. I expected cows and pigs to be grazing in the streets with politicians and lawyers running to-and-fro chasing constituents and ambulances. Shockingly, the area was nothing like how I imagined.

For one, the weather was actually quite nice. The last time I was up in Davis, the weather was hot and dry; I felt like a finely-baked potato after the trip. The weather in El Dorado was totally different. There was nary a cloud in the sky and it had a nice soft breeze. The temperature was around the same temperature I would have expected in San Francisco.
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Pet Peeve #5

I was standing in a crowded bus this morning in front of the outward facing seats. The person sitting down got up to leave at her stop. In this type of situation, I let anyone sit down out of courtesy. Although grateful, some people are not considerate in return.

They take the seat but sit on the very edge. Doing so, their legs stick out into the path, right where I am standing. Need I remind everyone, the bus was packed as it is every morning. Standing room is scarce and a little bit of balance is lost when the handholds required further stretching to reach.

I noticed that mostly asians do this, usually old ones but the younger ones seem to copying them more often now. They would sit down on the very edge of the seat for five minutes, then slide back until they fully fill out the seat.

The question though is why? Are they worried that the ass heat from the previous occupant would affect them in a negative manner? Is it a healthier way to sit? Is a paganistic ritual designed to ward off evil spirits?!


Ghosts Own the Night

Last night was freaky scary.

Around 2:30am, I was lying in bed playing Neves on the DS. Then I heard two distinct voices scream out. One was crooning off-key while the other was wailing in sorrow. The two voices clashed and the volume rose as they became more distressed.

I lept out of bed and scrambled to the window. This was a once in a lifetime event; seeing ghosts, that is.

I looked to the right. Nothing.

I looked to the left. Nothing.

Maybe my ears were playing tricks on me. The night was absolutely silent.

I climbed back into bed and the voices came back at an even louder decibel. They were angry. The crooning became shouts; the wailing became cries.

I was tempted to take a look; but, I was afraid of what I would find. Besides, ghosts should stay ghosts. We shouldn’t interact with them unless we want to become ghosts ourselves.


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