CA: Prop 3 – Children’s Hospital Bond Act of 2008

Proposition 3 asks of the California populace for permission to sell general obligation bonds up to $980 million in order to construct, expand, remodel, refurnish, and equip children hospitals. Seeing as how I just wrote a post to vote no on the animal cruelty proposition, it would be horrible for me to vote no on this one as well. But, I will be voting no. The reason?

On November 2004, voters passed Proposition 61 which sold $750 million worth of general obligation bonds for the same purpose. It has taken four years for roughly $400 million to be awarded to eligible hospitals. There is still $300 million sitting somewhere in the coffers collecting dust. Why do we need to add on another $980 million to the surplus when the state is already in debt? When they run out in three years, they can put this proposition back on the ballot.


CA: Prop 2 – Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act.

Proposition 2 will require farmers to provide enough space for a pregnant pig, veal bovine and an egg-laying hen to lie down, stand up, turn fully around and stretch all its limbs without touching its enclosure at the risk of a fine up to $1000 and/or 180 days in jail.

My carnivorous spirit cringes at the amount of concessions we provide an animal that will be consumed in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, I do not support the actions of certain farmers that beat their livestock or carve them up for fun. But, really. The sole purpose of the livestock is to be food for us. They are not pets (which I think is cruel unto itself). There are already enough state laws covering the cruelty of animals.


CA: Prop 1A – Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act.

Proposition 1A proposes constructing a high-speed passenger rail system stretching from Sacramento to San Diego. Twelve years and $60 million worth of studies have already been invested by the state to determine the feasibility of such a construction. This measure will sell bonds worth up to $9.95 billion to fund even more studies and the construction of the system.

The existence of a high-speed train will create jobs, reduce air pollution and our dependence on oil. Suggested travel time from San Francisco to Los Angeles will be just under three hours, clocking in at two hours and forty minutes. A trip from San Francisco to San Joe would only be thirty minutes which is the amount of time sometimes to travel across the City.
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SF: Prop V – Policy Against Terminating Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) Programs in Public High Schools

Shall it be City policy to encourage the School Board to reverse its decision to terminate JROTC and to continue to offer JROTC in San Francisco public high schools?

In a previous election, the JROTC program was given a termination date of this year. This proposition is on the ballot in hopes of reversing that decision so the JROTC program can remain as an option for students in high school.

Some say the JROTC teaches discipline and leadership skills to young people while others feel the program is just a recruitment drive by the military.

I have no preference either way.


SF: Prop U – Policy Against Funding the Deployment of Armed Forces in Iraq

Shall it be City policy that its elected representatives in the United States Senate and House of Representatives vote against any further funding for the deployment of United States Armed Forces in Iraq, except for funds to withdraw troops?

Not sure how this proposition affects the City directly. This one is pretty much up to your beliefs. Voting yes does not force our representatives to vote against funding the army. The proposition is just to make a statement against the war in Iraq.


SF: Prop T – Free and Low-Cost Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Shall the City be required to provide enough free and low-cost substance abuse treatment services to meet demand and to maintain funding for such services?

The City has become a haven for druggies and potheads. I feel nauseated every time I get on the bus due to the amount of pot in the air. Is the program working? Will throwing more money at the program make it work better? I am at a lost.

There needs to be a way to inform kids when they are young that drugs are not cool. Maybe they should show a shocking video, much like how unsafe drivers are shown how people look like having flown off a motorcycle and slamming into a rail.


SF: Prop S – Policy Regarding Budget Set-Asides and Identification of Replacement Funds

Shall it be City policy that the voters will not approve any new set-aside of City revenue unless the set-aside identifies a new funding source, includes limits on annual increases, and automatically expires after 10 years?

The City definitely needs this proposition to pass. Voters routinely approve new projects in the ballot as long as it benefits someone. Improve transportation? Yes. Improve schools? Sure. Help the homeless? Absolutely. Fix the roads? You betcha. New bridge? Why not. Plant trees? Yup. New program to help cross-eyed people in the 23-25 age range with a limp? Hell yeah! Let’s throw a million their way!

All these new programs add up. The City is not made out of money. Sooner or later, the City’s budget will be tapped out. Future earmarks should show how they will be funded for voters to have a firm understanding of how their vote will affect the City’s budget in other areas.

Vote yes on Proposition S.


SF: Prop R – Renaming the Oceanside Water Treatment Plant

Shall the City change the name of the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the George W Bush Sewage Plant?

Someone is wasting tax dollars putting this proposition on the ballot. Everyone already knows President Bush has done a poor job in the Oval Office, but do we really need to resort to elementary school attacks? His performance will already be recorded in the annals of history.

Vote No on Proposition R and restrict access for whoever submitted this proposition from ever doing this again. Total waste of time and money and since time equals money, it costs twice as much.


SF: Prop Q – Modifying the Payroll Expense Tax

Shall the City specify that certain partnerships and other businesses are subject to the City’s payroll expense tax and expand the payroll expense tax exemption for small businesses so that businesses with annual payroll expenses of $250,000 or less would not have to pay the tax?

This proposition seems awfully similar to what Senator Obama is proposing in his tax plans. No tax for small businesses making $250,000 or less. Tax the shareholders and partners.

It is a plan to “spread the wealth” around if you will.

I will probably abstain from voting on this issue. Why can’t we just tax both? More money for the City’s coffers.


SF: Prop P – Changing the Composition of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board

Shall the City change the size and composition of the Transportation Authority Board and encourage the Authority to use City agencies and departments to perform staff functions, to obtain expert financial review before adopting Authority budgets, and to adopt the same ethics and public records laws that apply to City agencies?

When I first read this proposition, I thought this was just a power grab by politicians. But after further looking into the actual meat of the legal text, I still think this is a power grab by politicians.

However, something caught my eye. The mayor was one of the major backers of the NextBus service. I use the service in my daily life. It has saved me a ton of time in the mornings and after work. No longer do I have to stand and wait 30 minutes at a time. It is a awesome service. If the new board can come up with more beneficial ideas like NextBus then I do not see a problem of giving them the chance.

Yes, I am a greedy and selfish sob.

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