Another move to a new server

Moved Frobie to a new server. I had trouble getting WordPress working correctly and ended up having to change my theme. Unfortunately with the change, I lost all the images in my posts. This theme is decent. I noticed it’s missing the links section though.

I blame Facebook for the long delay between posts. With their one line status updates feature, I no longer have the inclination to write longer posts.


Window Browser does not define a tag for Microsoft Windows

I’ve been working with SilkTest lately at work. I find the tool quite frustrating due to the lack of documentation. I encountered an error when running a testplan this afternoon. The error was:

Error: Window Browser does not define a tag for Microsoft Windows

Borland’s recommends the default browser to be set to the correct browser version. I’ve been using Internet Explorer 6 as my default browser since the dawn of time. To fix the problem, I set the default browser to none. Restarted SilkTest and set the option back to Internet Explorer 6. That seems to have fixed the problem.


I see ghosts.

Or what I thought was a ghost. I was rubbing my eyes just now and looked back up to the screen. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a ghostly apparition that looked like smoke curling into a vaguely humanoid form. When I turned to look, it disappeared. Is that how ghosts operate? They don’t let you look at them head on and only allow glimpses to fool your senses. Tricky bastards!


The End of Days

I lost interest in playing Secrets of the Solstice a few weeks ago. Not sure why. Just stopped.

Anyhow, I zipped up all the files for the armory WordPress plugin that I made for the game and it can be downloaded here.

I will not be supporting or updating the plugin; nor will I be of any help answering questions as I’ve forgotten what I actually wrote. There are minimal comments but I believe its pretty clear what I was trying to do.


Dynamic Titles for WordPress Static Pages

EDIT: The links in this post no longer work; I have taken down the Secret of the Solstice repository. The plugin for the repository can be downloaded through this page.

I encountered a problem after pushing the Secret of the Solstice repository live. As you click through the pages to the various items, the browser title remained the same throughout.

If someone were to search for the Anti-Death Penalty Pendant 1% on a search engine, the only listings which would appear would be the main SotS page if by chance the item was listed under the latest gears column or the main gears page. The actual item page would not appear due to the browser title being the same as the main gears page.

A little background info on how I set up the pages.
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Game Review: Secret of the Solstice

A friend introduced me to a free online MMORPG called Secret of the Solstice. He started to play the game after having spent two and a half years playing World of Warcraft. His will is stronger than mines; I returned to WoW not once, but twice after calling it quits.

But, I am always up for a bit of MMO gaming. Secret of the Solstice is a bit anime-ish and the movement is decidedly jerky but its decent for what I expected. The game is actually more of a grind than World of Warcraft, but not much thought needs to be devoted.
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My First Live Hockey Game

Two weekends prior I crashed at a buddy’s place in Redwood City. He lives in the middle of suburbia with wide open land and a lackadaisical atmosphere. The area is a nice place to raise a family, although at night, it was bitter cold. It was the type of cold where you would need multiple layers of clothing and a blanket to feel any warmth. I was surprised the lawn outside was not frosted the next day.

I am not a big fan of hockey. The only time I watched the games were when they took over FSN and blocked a Warriors’ telecast. The puck is small which makes it a bit hard to track on the screen. The players would keep dumping the puck from one side of the rink to the other. It was quite boring.
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Fall 2008 Election Results

On the national scene, the Obama-Biden ticket won the Presidential election. Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States and the first African-American to do so.

The Democrats have also taken control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. So, these next few years will all be on the shoulders of the Democrats. If they falter, then in the next election, the power to control will swing in the Republican favor. Although, if the Republicans go with Sarah Palin as their ticket, then we might get an Independent as our next president. How cool would that be?

As of November 6, 2008 10:00am, 99% of the votes have been tabulated for California and 100% for San Francisco:
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