The Drive of Life: ????

Length of this series is 60 episodes long. I’d give this series a rating of 9 out of 10. Theres a lot of good acting and drama inside this series. There is enough will power and drive in the whole family that allows them to rise up again after falling all the way down.

Drive of life song by Raymond Lam:


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Movies are Made to be Watched

mScreener here. I’m the new guy on the site, providing thoughtful insight into the latest Hollywood blockbusters and straight to DVD releases. My favorite genre for movies is the mindless action movies, also known as lowest common denominator movies. I also like huge explosions, killer stunts, and money burning CG scenes. Is it any wonder that I liked D-Wars?

More to come, stay tuned.


Guest Bloggers

In the future, here on Frobie, there will be blog posts authored by people other than myself. They are stray bloggers I picked up off the Xanga scrap heap and given a home.

In the past, I use to create a subdomain and install an entire new WordPress for them. But, the space it takes for a new installation really piles up. Utilizing WordPress’ role system, I can give them contributor access to one central blog. Now, I can totally supress their voice and no one will be the wiser! :D

All kidding aside, a few of the strays have their own “topic” blogs which I contribute towards–a bay area sports blog and a hype machine blog. Frobie, however, will remain as a personal blog for myself and the select few I trust to not put up anything illegal. You know who you are.


Organized confusion

My work week tend to be sporadic.  One week, I am super busy with lots of meetings and action items.  The next week, I am just doing busy work.  This past weekend I was tinkering with my PDA– againUnited States.  Why?  It’s a question I have yet to figure out.  I went back to ‘analog’ quite a bit already but once in a while, I would pull out my PDA and play around with it.  Is it buyer’s remorse?  I don’t know.  I am trying to figure out how to best use it.  There is no way I can move towards a smartphone cheap bounce houses.  Been there, done that.  The more I fiddle with different devices, the more I question how much more productive I am from the start.  Am I getting from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time or am I getting lost faster Houston?

Like my username say…

it is just a syncing mind Aufblasbarer Bogen 13.


CA: Prop 91 – Transportation Funds

On February 5, 2008, California will hold ballots to decide the fate of Prop 91-97. While watching the Warriors game the other night, commercials for and against the indian gaming propositions were shown incessantly. Although, TV had been the standard source for my political views, it’s probably a good idea to do some research now that I have an investment in the welfare of this state. Getting taxed so heavily makes people politically aware–I’m sure someone in history stated that before.
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Feed the World, One Grain at a Time


FreeRice.com, a sister site of Poverty.com, launched three months ago is on a mission to feed the world through wordplay. Visitors can play a word matching game, similar to the word association questions found on SATs. A word will be provided with four answers; if the correct word is chosen, 20 grains of rice are donated to the poor through the United Nations. The vocabulary level also rises the further along the game goes. The site is a great way to help contribute to the cause of ending world hunger and helps increase your vocabulary skill.


Dangers on the Bus

Danger isn’t regulated to just the streets, but on public transportation as well. You’re stuck in a confined space with no easy access surrounded by total strangers. Assault, robbery, and molestation are the standard fare. But, there are other dangers that are more off the beaten path, especially in a city like San Francisco. Even moreso when MUNI is brought into the conversation. But there are less unlawful dangers to look out for, more annoyances really.

You may find yourself standing next to a crazy lady conversing with herself over the importance of fine dining and the proper use of etiquette. If you try to join the conversation, don’t expect to leave with your sanity intact. Off to the side would be a normal looking blue collar worker on the outside, but after a minute you realize he has a very bad case of Tourette’s syndrome. During the winter days, a number of riders cough and sneeze without covering up. A few even spit their phlegm onto the back of seat. Disgusting.

One of the worst though are the drunkards. Not the sleepy drunks or the depressing drunks, but the crazy, angry drunks. They always stumble onto the bus bellowing at anyone nearby and raising a ruckus. Now, take this crazy, angry drunk, combine him with the most foul-smelling body odor and he becomes the worst possible encounter you can have on a bus!
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